Why VITA Classic Shade Guide is Essential for Zirconia Crowns?

Why VITA Classic Shade Guide is Essential for Zirconia Crowns?

Posted June 3, 2023 by Haresh Savani

Why VITA Classic Shade Guide is Essential for Zirconia Crowns?

The appearance of one's teeth has a significant impact on self-confidence and overall satisfaction with their smile. We at Advance Dental Export strongly believe in accurately matching the shade of dental restorations to the patient's natural teeth, in order to enhance patient satisfaction and improve their self-esteem. Patients are more likely to be happy with their dental work if it looks natural and harmonizes with their existing teeth.

The VITA Classic Shade Guide is essential for zirconia crowns because it provides a standardized system for matching the colour and shade of the restoration to the patient's natural teeth. Here's why it is important:

Colour Matching: Zirconia crowns are used to restore damaged or missing teeth, and achieving a natural-looking result is crucial for patient satisfaction. The VITA Classic Shade Guide consists of a series of tabs with different shades and levels of translucency. By comparing the shade of the patient's adjacent teeth with the tabs, the dentist can select the most appropriate shade for the zirconia crown, ensuring a seamless blend with the natural dentition.

Reliable Results: The VITA Classic Shade Guide has been widely used in dentistry for many years and has proven to be a reliable tool for shade matching. It provides a standardized reference point that helps dentists communicate effectively with dental laboratories, ensuring that the desired shade is accurately reproduced in the final restoration.

Patient Expectations: Patients often have specific expectations regarding the appearance of their dental restorations. By using the VITA Classic Shade Guide, dentists can involve patients in the shade selection process, allowing them to provide input and ensuring their satisfaction with the final outcome. This helps to improve patient confidence and enhances the overall aesthetic result.

Shade Consistency: Zirconia crowns are often fabricated in dental laboratories, where technicians rely on the shade information provided by the dentist. The VITA Classic Shade Guide allows for consistent shade communication between the dental team and the laboratory, reducing the chances of shade discrepancies and ensuring that the zirconia crown matches the intended shade.

Long-Term Aesthetics: Zirconia crowns are highly durable and can provide long-lasting restorations. By using the VITA Classic Shade Guide, dentists can create zirconia crowns that not only have excellent functional properties but also exhibit natural-looking aesthetics. This is particularly important for restorations in the anterior region, where the appearance of the teeth is highly visible.

In summary, at Advance Dental Export we find the VITA Classic Shade Guide extremely essential for zirconia crowns because it helps achieve an aesthetically pleasing outcome, enhances patient satisfaction, enables effective communication with dental technicians, ensures restorative continuity, and maintains consistency in repairs and replacements. It plays a crucial role in creating natural-looking and seamless dental restorations. The VITA Classic Shade guide has been our go-to in order to achieve the perfect yet natural tooth shade.

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