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Spring retainers :

‘Z`    Spring retainers can be used in the same applications with retraction plates. The ‘Z’ Spring is set in acrylic behind the centrals and laterals incisor.

Hawley’s Retainer :

Advance Dental Export‘s hawley’s retainers are made with 22′ gauge wire, Normally we uses `c`, circumferential and Adam’s clasping for maxillary and mandibular arches, However we offer varieties of different clasping options to suite your need. Our standard hawly is a horshoe trim as you will see in the following images :

Retraction or Active Plates :

Sagittal Appliances :

This appliances contains screws in acrylic and is similar to the schwarz. The sagittal appliances can be used not only for lateral arch development but also to distalize posterior segment


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