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A 3M ESPE Accredited Lava Laboratory

Advance Dental Export is an exclusive laboratory in Gujarat Specializing in all ceramic restorations and is a 3M ESPE Lava accredited laboratory To ensure a high standard of restoration and finishing. All the ceramic are undertaken by Mr. Haresh Savani (CDT) proprietor.
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All Ceramic System

  • Layered Zirconia Crowns and Bridges
  1. Layered Zirconia Crowns and Bridges provide the esthetic of an all ceramic restoration that exhibits impressive strength for an affortable price
  2. In addition , dental lab tests have shown Zirconia are significantly higher than that of aluminal or any other all ceramic.

Here are two options in layered Zirconia Crown: –

(a) 3M Essential

    Benefits :

      • All Ceramic and metal free
      • Remarkable Strength
      • Excellent marginal fit
      • Limited 5 Years warranty
      • Substructure available in 3 shades of White, Universal light and Universal dark

    Indications :

    Indicated for all anterior and posterior restorations, upto 5 unit bridges
    (b) 3M Lava:

      Benefits :

        • Precision CAD / CAM system for outstanding marginal fit & superior fit relative to leading competition
        • Proven high strength performance – 1440 mpa 3-pt. bend strength
        • 8 Years clinical study with 100% survival rate
        • Natural translucency and unmatched aesthetics
        • Patented substructure system available in 16 shades
        • Limited 15 Year warranty*

        The warranty card will contain a genuine Lava Authentication Label Indications :

          • Custom Zirconia abutments for a wide variety of implant systems
          • Inlay and Onlay bridges
          • Primary telescopes
          • 8 Unit bridges with upto 4 pontics in the anterior region
          • Single crowns
          • Splinted crowns
          • Cantilever bridges with cantilever unit on premolar or incisor*
          • Full Contour Zirconia Crown

        This is the monolithic solid Zirconia restoration with no porcelain on it. More brown than beauty.

        The restoration is idle for bruxers and grinder restoration are 100% digitally scanned and milled for optimum accuracy and esthetics. Because there is no porcelain overly, these restorations are incredibly strong and will not fail in mouth.

          Benefits :

            • Due to it’s high strength, 3M Monolith restoration are suited for cases with only little occlusal space
            • Now you can restore a too with a preparation of as little as 0.5mm occlusal reduction
            • With Monolith you can offer patients with bruxisim a tooth coloured and strong restoration (More than 1000 mpa) without porcelain overlay
            • With Monolith, you have an adequate tooth coloured replacement of metal-occlusal PFM or full cast metal restorations for patients who demand a
            • metal free biocom-patible and aesthetic restoration
            • Limited 5 years warranty

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