All You Need To Know About AD-Abutments | Products, Process & Variety | ADE

All You Need To Know About AD-Abutments | Products, Process & Variety | ADE

Posted Nov. 22, 2022 by Haresh Savani

Before we start this write-up, allow us to give you a brief understanding of what is the Ad-Abutment in Dental Implant and, as a trusted measure prescribed by dental surgeons, why Ad-Abutments implant is the best cosmetic dentistry option as far as oral health is concerned.

In a dental implant process, there are 3 major parts and they used to fit one after another in a step-by-step manner;

  • Stage1. The implant fixture(body) is a component that is surgically infused in the jawbone at the place of vacant space caused by a damaged or broken tooth.

  • Stage2. The abutment is fixed just over the Implant fixture and works as a connecting junction or holding link between the implant body and the crown.

  • Stage3. The porcelain crown fits on the top of Ad-abutments and only this part is visible once the dental implant procedure completes.

Now, let us focus more on our topic for today, Ad-Abutments. As stated earlier the only visible part of the whole procedure is the crown because it is the only visible output while the actual focus point that must be kept in Precise consciousness is the implant body and the abutment. Because the longevity, strength, and credibility of a clinical dental surgery lie in it.

Advanced dental export (ADE) an expert and trusted supplier for the complete range of dentistry esthetics would like to share our cutting-edge Ad-Abutments as the best dental implant solution. Most of our AD- abutments are backed by a 7-year limited warranty without compromising any single parameter and with full confidence in delivering premium quality at a competitive price band.

ADE offers two types of Ad-Abutments for a custom dental implant for cementable restorations; Titanium or Zirconia wTi Base and both of them are compatible with most major implant platforms popular nowadays.

Titanium Abutments are one of the most widely popular because of their strength, durability and rigidity of it which is simply unbeatable by any other material. Also, a titanium interface ensures an accurate interface with the implant base and the best platform to properly torque the abutment to the implant.

Again it comes in 2 variants of titanium namely; Pure titanium (CP-Ti) & Titanium alloy (Ti-6Al 4V) using the one that suits you is completely up to individual requirements as prescribed by the surgeon at the time of dental treatment.

On the other hand, zirconia-based abutments have an obvious esthetic advantage over Titanium abutments for being accurately white making them indistinguishable from natural teeth but ADE offers integration of Zirconia and Titanium(Ti) named ‘Zirconia wTi base abutment’.

Here the impact-resistant durability of Ti and the natural-looking esthetic look of zirconia are both infused together to provide all the features for final restoration and ideal cosmetic results.

If the success rate is compared to both the zirconium implants & titanium implants, both are appeared to offer equal efficiency so far.

ADE uses Computer-aided design (CAD) computer-aided mill¬ing (CAM) technology for the manufacturing of ad-abutments and another prosthetic for all the implant dentistry requirements. Conventionally fabricated implant prosthetics, the traditional way of manufacturing, is vastly replaced by CADCAM bringing forth enhanced patient satisfaction, quite economic too comparatively and the survival rate of abutments, crowns & frameworks is also relatively higher.

Thank you for reading this far, in the upcoming post we will cover porcelain fused to metal (PFM) for restorations.

Smile till you can and the rest will be taken care of.

Haresh Savani
Published by Haresh Savani

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